Health and safety measures that may affect your visit are in place due to COVID-19. Please use our website to plan ahead.

Interested? Parks Canada campus clubs would be happy to welcome you as new members. To join an existing campus club, email the Parks Canada Campus Club leader by clicking directly on the school's name in the list below. If your school is not listed, become a volunteer leader and start your own Campus Club. Visit #ParksLife on Facebook to share more with us!

What does a Parks Canada Campus Club member do?
  • Participate in activities organized by the campus club on digital platforms or safely in the community, around campus or at Parks Canada places
  • Explore close to home in small group, physically-distanced outings and learn new skills
  • Get involved in conservation efforts (local clean-ups, trail work, etc.)
  • Share your experiences on social media
  • Discover amazing job and volunteer opportunities within Parks Canada
  • Provide feedback and support to your volunteer campus club leader
What's in it for you?

Campus club members have the opportunity to:

  • Share their passion and discover new ones
  • Participate in their favourite activities
  • Connect with and protect national parks, national historic sites and national marine conservation areas for the future
  • Make new friends and have fun

Become a member or a volunteer leader of Parks Canada Campus Club


[Parks Canada logo in white on a black screen]

[Students walk cheerfully down a city street, one carries a guitar]

[The students load a car with camping gear]

[The students board a boat wearing life jackets and enjoy the ride to their campsite]

[The boat docks and the students arrive at their camp-site]

[the students play, making a circle with their hands in the middle and spinning before branching out]

[The students play frisbee]

[The students set-up their tents]

[The students look for bugs in the grass]

[The students plant marker flags in the ground for an activity]

[The students explore the camp-site and take pictures in front of a welcome sign]

[The students meet on a rock by the water]

[The students stand in a group and dance and laugh together]

[The students go biking on forest trails]

[The students have a campfire]

[The students wave to the camera]


Parks Canada Logo

Music only, no narration

[Black screen (onscreen text: It’s time to put the Camp…)]

[A group of university students fill a cargo van with their suitcases and pillows in a downtown area.]

[A young man pushes a cart, with a young woman standing at the front holding a shopping list, down one of the isles of a grocery store.]

[The students are having fun and laughing in the cargo van.]

[The group are hiking through the woods in a straight line, surrounded by snow (on screen text: back in Campus).]

[Following the hike, the group puts on snow shoe and continue their adventure.]

[Close-up on the smiling face of one of the student (on screen text: Experience Canada’s treasured places).]

[A young man and woman cycle through the snowy trail on fatbikes.]

[The group hikes again, but this time it’s over a frozen lake, covered with fresh snow.]

[Three of the students are now on cross-country skies sliding on the pre-made tracks. Then, two of the girls celebrate with a high-five.]

[The whole group gather around a campfire up on the balcony.]

[An aerial view of an oTENTik with the students relaxing on the chairs and the picnic table in front of the installation.]

[The group is gathered around a table for one last dinner and they all rise their wine glasses for a cheer.]

[Close-up of a fire at night (on screen text: Join a club | Start a club | Get outside | Learn how at: | #ParksLife)]

[Parks Canada logo]

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[Canada wordmark]