Situated in the Yukon’s imposing Saint Elias Mountains, Kluane is among the country’s largest and wildest national parks. Vast icefields are found in the park, up to a kilometre deep in places. These massive icefields meet massive mountains: 17 of the country’s 20 tallest mountains, including Canada’s highest peak, 5959-metre Mount Logan, are in Kluane. Populations of grizzly bears, horned Dall sheep and mountain goats roam its rugged expanses.

Backcountry hiking, river rafting and camping are among the best ways to experience the park’s wild interior. Multiday trips along the turbid Alsek River attract international thrill seekers, who paddle alongside calving glaciers. Epic hiking trails cross icy-cold rivers and plunge deep into grizzly bear country.

But the park isn’t just for hardcore adventurers. Amazing frontcountry hiking just off the highway, a road-accessed campground set near a gorgeous lake, and an expansive visitor centre with interactive exhibits make Kluane’s wild charms within almost anyone’s reach.