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Are you dressed for the weather? ‘Cause baby it’s cold outside.


Planning your trip according to seasonal patterns and checking the weather before you head out, helps ensure a better experience for you.

Here’s what you might expect in a year, on average. Keep in mind, extremes in seasonal temperatures could occur at any time of the year. The park is also distributed over a wide geographic region and there can be differences in weather between different locations within the park.


When: End of May until end of August
Temperature range: 10°C to 30°C
Hours of Daylight: 14 to 19 hours
Typical Conditions: Warm and dry although some summers may be more cool and wet.
Notes: Increased risk of wildfires. Read more about wildfire management in park and how to be prepared here.
Photo: J. D. McKinnon


When: September – October
Temperature range: 4°C to 20°C
Hours of Daylight: 9 to 14 hours
Typical Conditions: Cool, windy and dry. Intermittent snowfalls start end of October
Notes: Fewer insects in early to mid-September and darker skies make this an ideal time to visit the park. Bright foliage colours. Fall freeze-up usually occurs at the end of October, early November.
Photo: J. Jaque


When: November – end of April
Temperature range: -40°C to 6°C
Hours of Daylight: 6 to 16 hours
Typical Conditions: Cold, dry, and sunny with a generous snow cover.
Notes: Temperature can dip to extremes of -40°C in January and February. Days gradually warm in March and April. Days are shorter from November to January.
Photo: C. MacDonald



When: End of April – end of May
Temperature range: -20°C to 6°C
Hours of Daylight: 13 to 18 hours
Typical Conditions: Cool and sunny.
Notes: Spring break-up usually starts around the end of April or early May.
Photo: J. Perry

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