Summer Guided Experiences

Programs will work differently this year. Please plan accordingly.

The protocols for the programs will be as follows:

Groups/individuals will have to pre-register for a program. Call 1-867-872-7960 to reserve your spot.

The maximum group size will vary with changing Public Health Regulations. This way, all participants are able to maintain physical distancing and the group can still be relatively close together.

Deadline to book will be on 4 p.m. day before to allow time for prepping for the program.

The interpreter will be meeting the group at the Visitor Centre at 1:30 p.m. Transportation will not be provided. Proper PPE will be used and physical distancing will be observed.

Bring a bottle of water and a snack and come prepared for the elements!

Offered from June 14 – August 19 this year.

Program What to Expect Day Location Time Cost Frequency
A Walk Through Time: Discover Fort Smith Guided Hike Monday Fort Smith 1:30 pm Free Weekly
What on Earth: Weird Rocks, Explained Guided Hike Tuesday Grosbeak Lake (Benchmark Creek Trail) 1:30 pm $13.70 Weekly
Where the Wood Buffalo Roam Interpretive Program Wednesday Salt River Day Use Area 1:30 pm $13.70 Weekly
Making Moves: Salt, Early Explorers, and the Fur Trade Guided Hike Thursday Salt Plains 1:30 pm $13.70 Weekly
Whoop There It Is: Back from the Brink Interpretive Program Friday Salt Plains Day Use Area 1:30 pm $13.70 Weekly
Campfire Program (Rotating Themes) Interpretive program Saturday Pine Lake 7 pm FREE Weekly

Making Moves: Salt, Early Explorers, and the Fur Trade

Photo: © C. MacDonald/Parks Canada

Curing fish, tanning hides, and the search for the Northwest Passage – the Salt Plains and its salt played a piece in each. Take a walk down to one of the largest salt flats in Canada, and listen along as you find out how salt from this special place was used throughout history, how it moved throughout Canada and its use by animals today.

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What on Earth: Weird Rocks, Explained

Photo: © Parks Canada

On an otherworldly surface, uncover the why behind the wild and weird Grosbeak Lake. Hike alongside a Parks Canada Guide and discover more about rocks, karst and the land around you, as you prepare yourself for the breathtaking first look at the unusual landscape of the prehistoric sea.

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A Walk Through Time: Discover Fort Smith

The history behind the existence of Fort Smith will become clearer in this walking tour around town. From its unique placement to its purpose as a gathering place, it might be a puzzle at first! Take a stroll with the lovely Town of Fort Smith interpreters as your travel on a journey through time, recounting the stories, the people and the places that encompass Fort Smith.

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Whoop There It Is: Back from the Brink

Photo ©: Klaus Nigge/Parks Canada

Have wings, will travel – 4,000km twice a year! Quite an extensive travel itinerary, but there’s nowhere else in the world quite like this. Get to know why whooping cranes love it here by meandering down to the Salt Plains and taking in the unique landscape of the rare bird’s habitat. Along the way, uncover their troubled past and discover how they’re on their way to recovery. 

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Where the Wood Buffalo Roam

Journey back in time with us as we recount the long and storied history of the bison who call this park home. You’ll leave the program an expert on the conservation tactics used throughout the years to sustain the last-remaining herd of these North American giants – the park’s namesake!

Wednesdays at 1:30 p.m. | $13.70

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Campfire Program

Photo: © J. McKinnon/Parks Canada

Gather round the campfire with interpretive staff or an indigenous storyteller at Pine Lake on Saturday evenings. Share a story, a song and a snack with your comrades travelling from near or far. Enquire at the Visitor Information Centre or watch for the Parks truck at the Pine Lake campground.


Saturdays at 7:00 p.m. | Free!

    Brilliant Bears: The Tools to Co-Exist

    Don’t be a Sloppy Sally, tidy up! Bears are incredible wild animals, and they’re also very clever. Sit with friends around a campfire and learn from a Parks Canada Guide how to be safe in bear country, how to keep a clean campsite, how to exercise caution while hiking and more.

    June 19, July 10, July 31

    Hangin’ Around: Hidden Heroes

    As the aquamarine Pine Lake ripples in the distance and the campfire crackles, listen as the truth about bats is revealed. Scary? We don’t think so! Uncover what makes them important as your guide explains what’s great about these mighty animals who help to control pests, spread pollen and spread seeds so our ecosystems run smoothly.

    June 26, July 17, August 7

    Wolves in the Wild

    Wolves don’t give a dang about their bad reputation, and soon, neither will you. Wolves play an important role in sustaining the ecosystem within Wood Buffalo National Park. Listen along as we reveal more about them, their predator-prey relationship with bison, and why they get a bad rap even though they shouldn’t.

    July 3, July 24, August 14


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