Meander through the Salt Plains

the salt plains

Relax and watch the sun rise. Look for a wood bison or a whooping crane as you glimpse the contrast of red samphire against the whiteness of the salt from ancient seas. Feel the soothing sensation of powdery crystals under your bare feet and sample the brine from an underground saline stream. Marvel at the variety of animal tracks all around you.

Biodiversity abounds in this unique and fragile salt-laden environment. Explore on your own, or join a guided hike. Access points in different areas of the park offer a variety of experiences – from the Salt Plains Overlook and escarpment trail a short drive off Highway 5, to the moonscape-like Grosbeak Lake and open vistas of Salt Pan Lake, both part of the Salt River Trail System along Pine Lake Road.

The Salt Plains, created by saline groundwater left behind by ancient seas and forced to the surface, are a "must see".