Spend the night, or a week or two in the park.

Pine Lake Campground

Wood Buffalo National Park is five times the size of Yellowstone, that’s a lot of room for camping. Find adventure in the backcountry or stay in a cabin within walking distance of your car.

A day visit provides a window into the wildlife and landscape of Wood Buffalo National Park; however spending a night here offers an entirely different opportunity.

Backpack within poplar and spruce groves while on the lookout for black bears, moose, bison and other wildlife. Explore these conifer forests, wander the grass plains and step lightly in the spongy muskeg.

The front country provides fascinating vistas for drivers and hikers alike. The landscape, including sink holes, expansive meadows and Canada’s only salt plains await the curious. The rebirth of nature is on full display in the fire recovery areas. Walk the trails or pause at spectacular vista points to marvel at both the wildlife and the geography. Save time to relax upon Pine Lake’s sandy shores and a swim in the surprisingly warm water.

Paddle day trips and multiday trips into the wilderness on the parks selection of large rivers including the Athabasca, Peace and Slave Rivers. Backcountry camping opportunities are available and you should talk to the park in advance and see what can be arranged.

In your travels through the park you are likely to encounter Indian Reserves, Aboriginal traditional use cabins and historical cultural sites built by the local Aboriginal people. These places are part of what makes Wood Buffalo National Park a special place and we request that these areas be left undisturbed and treated with respect during your visit.

Pine Lake Campground is open May-September. Backpacking available year-round.

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