Explore the Peace-Athabasca Delta

Peace-Athabasca Delta

The Peace, Athabasca and Birch Rivers merge with Lake Athabasca in the Peace-Athabasca Delta, a habitat that lures millions of birds, hundreds of bison, dozens of avian and mammalian species and you on a single or 21-day paddle.

The Peace-Athabasca Delta is one of the magnificent wetlands of the world. The convergence of four major North American waterfowl migratory routes, millions of ducks and geese descend to feed and nest here each summer.

The migration’s splendour can be seen from Lake Mamawi, throughout the Delta or when paddling a canoe upon the Peace River to Sweetgrass Landing. From here, you can do the 14 km hike or you can portage your canoe for 4 km and paddle the rest of the way to Sweetgrass Station. Set up your tent in the sea of grass or reserve space in an historic cabin with cots and a wood stove among other (very) rustic amenities.

Lynx roam the night, bison graze across the grasslands until, sensing the predatory wolf pack, they take off in a collective maddening sprint, shaking the very foundations of earth. Hear wolves howl, waves lap the edge of Lake Claire and the northern breezes blow across the Sweetgrass prairies. Return to your basecamp or continue on an extended expedition down the Peace River.

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