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Map of Manitoba
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Churchill is the “gateway” community to Wapusk National Park, but the southern portion of the park can also be accessed via the town of Gillam.

When you arrive in Churchill, stop at Parks Canada's Wapusk National Park office in the Churchill Heritage Railway Station. Take in the programs and services provided by Parks Canada. They will help you better enjoy and understand both the park and the history and diversity of the Churchill area.

By rail

There is regular train service to Churchill and Gillam. Please contact VIA Rail for details about their service.

By air

Calm Air provides scheduled direct flights to Churchill and Gillam from Winnipeg and Thompson, Manitoba and there are regular flights to Churchill from communities in Nunavut. Please contact Calm Air for details on flights.

By road

There is no road access to Churchill.

Gillam is accessible by Provincial Road 280 from Thompson.

Map of Wapusk National Park
Map of Wapusk National Park.
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By licensed tour operators

Access to Wapusk is mainly by licensed commercial tour operators in Churchill. Visitors are strongly encouraged to use the services of a licensed commercial operator when travelling in Wapusk National Park.

Two companies are licensed by Parks Canada to offer guided trips in Wapusk National Park. Please contact the companies directly to obtain details on trips offered, as well as current information on travel dates and costs.