Notice of restriction: Wildlife viewing practices in Jasper National Park

Roadside wildlife viewing is designated as restricted from April 1, 2021 until December 31, 2021

Help Parks Canada maintain healthy animal populations

Stay in your vehicle

  • Slow down, and always obey speed limits
  • Use your hazard lights to alert others
  • Pull over only where it is safe to do so
    • Do not stop in driving lanes
  • Observe, take photographs, and move on
  • Move on immediately if a traffic jam develops

Human food and garbage kill wildlife

  • Do not feed wildlife
  • Do not litter
    • Put garbage in its proper place
    • Do not burn unwanted food or garbage
  • Never leave food unattended
    • Properly store all food and scented items

Give wildlife space

  • Do not approach wildlife
  • All wild animals are unpredictable
    • All wildlife is potentially dangerous
    • Animals are wild even if they appear tame
  • Keep pets on leash
  • Stay 30m (3 bus lengths) away from elk, deer, and moose
  • Stay 100m (10 bus lengths) away from bears and other carnivores

You are responsible for your own safety

When you are on the trails:

  • Travel in groups
  • Make noise
  • Tune in to your surroundings. Remove your headset
  • If you encounter wildlife, back away. Return the way you came
  • Carry bear spray. Know how to use it
  • Report all aggressive wildlife encounters to Parks Canada Dispatch: 780-852-6155
  • Know the Parks Canada regulations