Spread a blanket and gaze at a starry sky undiluted by city light, or tour behind the scenes at a bison handling facility and learn how this magnificent animal was brought back from near extinction. Elk Island National Park is not only an important refuge for bison, elk and more than 250 bird species, but is also an oasis of calm for day picnickers and overnight campers alike.


  • Hiking

    With over 80 km of trails to explore, a memorable experience awaits. Watch a busy beaver construct a dam, listen to songbirds sing a tune or take in a breathtaking sunset over Astotin Lake.

  • Wildlife Viewing

    Explore the park by foot, bike or car and be on the lookout for wildlife! Bison and other mammals are most active at dawn and dusk.

  • Cycling

    Bring a bike and breathe in fresh air while cycling along trails or roadways in the park.

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