Parks Canada's goal is to allow people to enjoy national parks as special places without damaging their integrity. Conserving and restoring ecological integrity is our first priority in park management.

Creatures of the deep (and shallows)
Strange and wonderful wildlife from the national marine conservation areas of Canada.
What is ecological connectivity?
Nature needs its connections, big and small.
A shark-filled life
Shark specialist Meaghen McCord brings an international perspective to her work at Parks Canada.
British Columbia
Isle of wonders
Sable Island National Park Reserve is a hotspot for unique species and rare natural phenomena.
Nova Scotia
Learn about the threats and pressures affecting the ecological integrity of protected areas.
Fire management
As rejuvenator and recycler, fire has an essential role to play in national parks.
Preserving ecological integrity
Find out how national parks are managed to keep them healthy and whole.
Plastics pollution
Marine debris, including plastic waste, is a serious threat to our oceans, lakes and rivers.
Bio-pest into bio-plastic
Making biodegradable plastic out of the invasive European green crab.
Nova Scotia

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