Closed to the public for conservation work

Parks Canada gives our past a future

In order to carry out major restoration work on the historic buildings situated on île aux Noix, the fortification of the Fort Lennox National Historic Site is closed to the public for the entire season.
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Time to Connect


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Camera follows a young couple walking their bikes towards two red chairs overlooking a lake.

You’ve found it

Camera now turns around another red chair where a family of hikers are arriving. The mountaineous view is breathtaking.

The camera is continuing its motion of turning around red chairs, but this time a young boy is holding his mother's hand on a beach.

The perfect moment

Close-up of the young boy smilling at his mother.

The best place on Earth

Close-up of the biking couple. The female biker is laughing.

Time to connect with nature

The camera resumes it's circling motion, turning around a group of musician playing guitar and violin with majestic hills towering over the sea in the background.

And those who really matter

Four girls are sitting in the red chairs and taking a selfie.

A family is gazing at the distance, the older daughter pulls up a pair of binoculars.

Close-up of the four girls smiling and taking a selfie.

Close-up of the violin player.

Camera is circling around two adults doing yoga in front of the red chairs with the sea in the background.

Find your Red Chair moment

Camera is back to the family of hikers with the sun setting behind the mountains.

Parks Canada


A message from the Government of Canada

LOGO ON SCREEN: Canada Wordmark.

Enjoy the moment!

Since the summer of 2015, Parks Canada has installed red Adirondack chairs at the Fort Lennox National Historic Site so that visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the Île-aux-Noix, the Richelieu and the rich historical and natural heritage of this exceptional site.

The location has been carefully selected enabling you to pause and explore the narratives of the landscape as you connect with history and nature.

Where are the red chairs?

Two red chairs at Fort-Lennox We've saved you a seat!

Any way is fine for going in search of the red chairs along the the Fort Lennox, whether alone, in couple, with your family or amongst friends!

The adventure doesn't end at Fort Lennox! Parks Canada has installed red chairs in the most beautiful landscapes in the country, including those featured in Western Quebec's other historic sites. What are you waiting for to discover them?

Fort Chambly National Historic Site
Manoir Papineau National Historic Site
Coteau-du-Lac National Historic Site
Forges du Saint-Maurice National Historic Site
Fort Témiscamingue National Historic Site

A story to share

Once you've spotted the red chairs and you're comfortably seated, inhale deeply and take the time to observe the different elements that make up the landscape unfolding before your eyes.

While you're at it, add your story to that of the Fort Lennox National Historic Site by sharing your photo using the hashtag #timetoconnect #FortLennox or #ParksCanada.

Where did the red chair idea come from?

Initiated by Gros Morne National Park in 2011, Parks Canada's Red Chair Experience program has rapidly expanded to other national parks, national historic sites and national marine conservation areas across the country.

Installed in locations that are most emblematic of Canada, the red Adirondack chairs enable visitors to experience unforgettable moments in exceptional settings while connecting with nature and history.

For more information on the location of the red chairs in Canada