Your boat must be in compliance with Transport Canada’s requirements, and be equipped with all the mandatory safety equipment. For health and safety reasons, “primary contact” activities, such as SUP or paddle boarding, surfing, sailboarding, and underwater diving, are prohibited on the Chambly Canal. Refer to the Safe Boating Guide (PDF) to learn more about boat safety.

Boaters and small, non-motorized boat enthusiasts, surrender yourselves to the enchantment of yesteryear while navigating the canal’s waters. The natural banks make launching canoes and kayaks easy.

See the bascule bridges and the locks fitted with cranking devices. Watch as the bridge begins to rotate! Spot the path alongside the canal and learn how it was once a former towpath used by horses to pull barges of goods from one end of the canal to the other.

Recreational rental services

Would you like to try pleasure boating for a day?

Boat rental services are available in the vicinity of the canal entrance, near the Chambly Basin.

Nautical regulations

Maximum speed: 10 kilometres/hour or less (in some places, the watercraft has to slow down so as not to create a wake).

Consult the Historic Canals Regulations (SOR/93-220)

Installation of new infrastructure along canal banks

Only shoreline residents are authorized to install a dock along the banks of the Chambly Canal. An official request for a private dock installation must be submitted to Parks Canada.

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