Do you want to have a camping experience but you would like a little helping hand? Reserve your place in Parks Canada's Learn to Camp program offered in collaboration with MEC!

Each event presents workshops to teach the basics of camping such as how to pitch a tent or cook in the outdoors. In addition to having a great time, participants will have an opportunity to learn alongside experts.


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SIMON: The Learn-To camp program is an activity designed to teach the basics of camping. So it’s essentially an activity for people who have never had the opportunity to camp.

TEXT: What was your favourite activity?

My favourite thing first is playing with my kid. Seeing him growing up im very happy.

What I liked the most was learning how to cook for camping.

It was interesting because it gives me some tricks, and I really liked the chef’s battle.

My favourite activity is making new friends, playing with them, and taking a boat ride.

Well for me personally, a fun activity was yesterday night, at the little concert, the singer and the guitar. It was really fun. 

You're in a nice atmosphere with campfire, and with the city behind you. We really enjoyed it.

There were a lot of activities to please everyone. We all have our own little preferences.

Mom and I are starting to like yoga more and more, but there are a lot of things that we enjoyed. For the children it was the animals. Find the tracks, the footprints, the style of fur.

My favourite activity is when we spinned the wheel with the animals.

My favourite activity was the bouncy castle and the cooking.

SIMON: These Learn-to Camp events take place here in Montreal, so we are in the heart of the Old Port. Generally we hold two or three a season. So, evidently it’s summer from June to the month of August.

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