Phase 2 of the Province House conservation project is underway. This phase began in May 2018 and includes the building envelope work (conservation of the masonry, replacement of the copper and slate roof and repairs to the historic windows as well as foundation) and is currently ongoing.  


  • 101 windows are being repaired as part of the Conservation Project at Province House National Historic Site.
  • Ultimate Construction Ltd. has 99 windows at their shop in Barrie, Ont. They are currently working on restoring 18 windows for the west pavilion. Contractors plan to install the windows later this summer. Ultimate Construction Ltd. will proceed to renovate the east pavilion windows before moving on to the north and south pavilion windows. 
  • Two of the windows original to the building in 1843 are being restored by students from Holland College’s Heritage Retrofit Carpentry program. Students began this process in the fall of 2019 and are halfway through the restoration process under the guidance of Josh Silver, Learning Manager for the Heritage Retrofit Carpentry program. So far, students have stripped the windows including the glass panes, putty that holds the glass in place and paint. They have also disassembled the bare wood frames to examine their condition further. The assembling process includes identifying what needs to be replaced, manufacturing replacement pieces of wood and installing them. They also have to rebuild the window frames by installing the glass and putty before painting them. The final phase is re-installing the windows, located on the left hand side of the Richmond Street entrance, sometime next fall. 


  • One of the most exciting, yet technically challenging, aspects of this conservation project has been the work on the north and south porticos. Originally slated to be completed in Phase 1, this work was moved to Phase 2 due to difficulties in finding an appropriately skilled contractor to conduct this specialized work. Priestly Demolition Inc. began to perform the work in March 2019. They had to brace each portico and use a computerized jacking system to hold each individual column in the air in order to replace the stone foundation underneath. 
  • The eight columns were lifted individually to lessen the stress on the stonework. Work was completed on the north and south porticos simultaneously, which allowed for a more stable approach for the porticos.
  • All eight stone foundations were completed by January 2020.