Our twist on "take-out"

Everything tastes better when you eat it outside! During your visit, let the beautiful landscape of Grand-Pré be your dining room. Centuries-old Victorian gardens, UNESCO world heritage site view park, or the picturesque vistas alongside the old forge, you choose the venue.

Ordering a Perfect Picnic

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Place your order by phone: 902‑542‑2703 (Prepared by our partner, nearby local restaurant Evangeline Café)
  2. Pick up your picnic bag (11668 Highway 1 on the Evangeline Trail)
  3. Find the perfect picnic place within the Grand-Pré National Historic Site and enjoy!

Menu and details


Digby scallops

You can’t visit Nova Scotia and not try the famous Digby Scallops! We offer 5 bacon wrapped Digby Scallops served with a side of chipotle dip.

$14 + tax

Main dish

Farmer’s feast

You will love our famous Farm Burger, made from local beef patty topped with goat cheese, arugula & crispy fried onions. Enjoy this decadent comfort food with a side of your choice: golden fries or a local green salad.

$14 + tax

Atlantic lobster roll

Acadians favorites Lobster Roll! The toasted hot dog bun is overflowing with 3 oz of lobster. We must say, lobster rolls are our speciality we make them fresh with chunky pieces of lobster and lettuce. Includes a side golden fries.

$24 + tax

Evangeline’s favorite club on the go!

We all know Evangeline was busy, so her favorite meal on-the-go would have been our classic club sandwich made with chicken, bacon, lettuce and tomato. This meal includes a salad of your choice made with local greens.

For your side choose between:

  • Garden, Caesar or beet salad | $17 + tax
  • Fries | $15 + tax
Landscape salad

As colorful and bright as the landscape of Grand-Pré, this garden salad is made fresh with mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and grated carrot.

The Landscape Salad is $8 + tax.

  • Add chicken | $5.95 + tax
  • Add golden fries | $2.95 + tax
  • Add onion rings | $3.95 + tax
  • Add poutine | $4.95 + tax


Mouth watering seasonal pie

After one bite you’ll understand why locals come from everywhere in the valley to eat Evangeline Café's seasonal pie.

$5 + tax

Warning: Sharing is caring, but just in case, buy a slice for everyone. ;)

Top 3 Perfect Picnic Spots

  1. View Park on Old Post Road
  2. Grounds surrounding the Forge
  3. Within the Victorian gardens near the duck pound

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