There are several hiking trails at Signal Hill National Historic Site, all of which boast panoramic views and captivating scenery. Bring appropriate footwear, a bottle of water, binoculars, a camera, and explore the trails. Signal Hill's trail system also connects to the Grand Concourse which leads to most parts of the City of St. John's.

Trail Distance
Time (mins/hours)
Difficulty Description/Habitat
Burma Road Trail 2.4 50 mins Easy


The Burma Road Trail is the easiest trail on Signal Hill with a wide, gently sloping surface from the Visitor Centre to an exit at Cuckold’s Cove


Centre to Citadel Trail

0.5 10 mins Moderate


Take this footpath from the Visitor Centre to the summit of Signal Hill. This path takes you past the Queen's Battery and Barracks and provides a breathtaking view of St. John's Harbour


Gibbet Hill Trail 1 20 mins Moderate


One of the shortest Signal Hill trails. After visiting the summit, hikers return by the same route


Ladies' Lookout Trail 1.3 30 mins Moderate


The trail follows the backbone of Signal Hill and offers wonderful views of the rugged coastline and seascapes. Some sections of the trail are steep or have an irregular surface. Please take your time and watch your step as you hike


North Head Trail 1.7 1 hour Strenuous/Challenging


The North Head Trail is the oldest and most popular of the trails on Signal Hill. It follows a trail along the narrows to the North Head that may have been in use as far back as the 1500s. Over 35,000 hikers use the trail each year