The Bar U Ranch was designated a national historic site of Canada in 1989 because of: its important role in the ranching industry in Canada.

Recognition date: November 17, 1989.

Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada

The Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada was created in 1919 as a response to growing public concern with heritage preservation. In 1953, the Historic Sites and Monuments Act established the Board by statute, enlarged it, and gave it increased resources.

The board advises the Minister of Canadian Heritage on the commemoration of those persons, events, sites, structures, and places that represent nationally significant aspects of Canadian history.

The National Historic Sites Policy sets out the following objectives:

  • To foster knowledge and appreciation of Canada's past through a national program of historical commemoration.
  • To ensure the commemorative integrity of national historic sites administered by Parks Canada by protecting and presenting them for the benefit, education and enjoyment of this and future generations, in a manner that respects the significant and irreplaceable legacy represented by these places and their associated resources.
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